Saturday, March 17, 2018


We only breed a very few select well planned litters, we breed quality not quantity! Our next litter with our handsome Arlo and our beautiful Laverne will be outstanding. All of our puppies are C.K.C registered, lovingly home raised with perfect conformation and personality plus. Our gorgeous Bulldogs here at Ausabull Reg'd are excellent examples of the breed. They all live in our home and they are cherished happy family members. Our puppies have thick heavy bone structure, massive heads they are loaded in wrinkles, low slung and most importantly HEALTHY with laid back, easygoing temperaments...the only way a Bulldog should be. We stand behind all of our Bulldog babies throughout their entire lifetime. We breed only to the correct C.K.C. Bulldog standard and have owned and bred top quality Bulldogs from champion health tested blood lines for over 20 years.

Our handsome boy Arlo (pictured above) will be bred to our beautiful Laverne (pictured below) We are VERY excited about this upcoming litter.!!

If you would like to be added to our waiting list for one of our amazing puppies please call
519-232-9928 or email

Monday, January 01, 2018

Our Handsome Males

Arlo pictured here @ only 2 years old. He is such a nice healthy boy and we are so thrilled with him! Just like all of our Bulldogs here he comes from TOP quality champion fully health tested blood lines. We know he will produce some outstanding puppies in the near future!

Lynyrd pictured here @ 1 year. Our handsome Ausabulls Simple Man Lynyrd  is a son to our home bred Ausabulls Forget Me Not Flo and a grandson to our Sherman, great grandson to our Reggie.  Lynyrd is a very gorgeous white boy with a loving, super laid back temperament.

Sherman  pictured here @ 5 years old...Pictures don't do Sherm justice! Meeting him in person, you will see this boy is amazing and has produced many great puppies.Thank you to Reigning Monarch Castlecourt Kennels, Harlod Saxton & Ann Aitken the past president of the Bulldog Club of Canada for our boy. Sadly we lost our handsome Sherman at the age of 12 years.
Leroy pictured here @ 4 years of age...Leroy is our handsome stud dog here at Ausabull Kennel. He comes from TOP champion lines and has an amazing temperament, he is such a big suck and loves everyone he meets. Leroy is a great addition to our breeding program and producing some great looking, healthy Bulldogs.

Reggie out relaxing in the yard pictured here @ 13 years of age...Sadly in June 09' our beloved Reggie passed away @ the age of 14 years. He will be missed terribly, but remembered each day  with his legacy of gorgeous offspring he has produced.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Beautiful Ausabull Girls

OUR BEAUTIFUL AUSABULL GIRLS (all kept form our past litters)
Ida pictured below 

Ausabulls Ida Red now our spayed couch potato!
Ausabulls Miss Crindley now our spayed couch potato!
Ausabulls Miss Happy Hazel now our spayed couch potato 
Ausabulls Forget Me Not Flo (Crindley X Sherman daughter)

Ausabulls Lovey Laverne (Flo X Leroy daughter)
Ausabulls Miss Mavis (Hazel X Leroy daughter)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A few photos of some of our gorgeous Bulldogs we have produced over the many years

Ausabulls Hank E Panky pictured here @ 2 years old
Ausabulls Norman pictured @ 1 year

Ausabulls Bruno snuggled with his bear
Ausabulls Dudley out for a bike ride in his side car

Ausabulls Fiona pictured here @ 1 year old

Ausabulls Bricklee pictured here @ 2 years old
Ausabulls Petunia and Ausabulls Blossom 
Hank out driving the fire truck! 

Ausabulls Johnny and Ausabulls Mr. Furley pictured here @ 1year
Ausabulls Vera Boo pictured here @ 6 years old
                        Ausabulls Walter pictured @ 1 year

Ausabulls Dozer & Ausabulls Punch

Ausabulls Ruby Tuesday pictured here @ 7 months old

                     Ausabulls Knarles pictured here @ 4 years old
Ausabulls Duey pictured here @ 10 months old

Ausabulls Vinnie pictured here @ 2 years old

Ausabulls Malcolm pictured here @ 7 years old

                       Ausabulls Gracie and Ausabulls baby Gretzky       
Ausabulls Phantom pictured here @ 18 months old

Ausabulls Otis pictured here @ 16 months old

Ausabulls Miss Mini pictured here @ 8 years old

Ausabulls Louie the Lumproast pictured here@ 10 months

       Ausabulls Dorothy with her borther Ausabulls Owen underneath her
Ausabulls Butch pictured here @ 2 yrs old

Ausabulls Lulu pictured here @ 2 years old

Ausabulls Bulldozer pictured here @ 8 months old

Ausabulls Libby pictured here @ 5 years old

Ausabulls Lucy pictured here @ 18 months old

Ausabulls Taiter pictured here @ 5 years old

Ausabulls Buddha and Ausabulls Murphy best buds

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who take such great care of our Ausabull Reg'd Bulldogs we have produced over the years, It is great to keep in touch with everyone !

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Our Miscellaneous Pictures

Our Handsome boy Leroy pictured here @ 8 years old   

Ausabulls Miss Crindley getting some hugs from my niece and nephew

 Ausabulls Beautiful Miss Ester 
Mavis on the run with Irma catching up in the background
Some of our Ausabull girls with Betty our pet Chihuahua
 Ester giving kisses to Betty our Chihuahua

                           Our very handsome boy Ausabulls Lynyrd
                                    Ausabulls lil baby Mr Furley
                                Ausabulls Lil Baby C.C

Ausabulls Mabel Junebug & Large Marge     

They love to cuddle...All of our Bulldogs know what to do with a pillow and a blanket!
Our Ausabulls Flora and Ausabulls Fat Fannny

they are pictured here @ only 12 weeks cute!
Ausabulls Miss Happy Hazel in her new sexy winter coat 
Hazel, Ida and Irma having fun in the snow
Our sweet Irma giving kisses to Mavis

Crindley's sleepy babies 
Ida's babies so cute!
Lil baby Irma

Hope you enjoyed the site, if you would like to come out and meet our Bulldog gang feel free to contact us anytime to arrange a visit! 519-232-9928 or